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Thoughts on Jessica ceasing to be a part of SNSD

I’ve yet to read the whole account on why Jessica’s been kicked out of the group, her decision to pursue fashion, putting up her own clothing label, and her possible wedding for next year. But one thing that I clearly understood from the event currently flooding my feeds, is that things have been changing and will continue to change.

I’ve been into K-Pop for five years now. Over the course of the five years, new groups have emerged, old ones have moved away from the limelight, and idols have made many choices which the public, including myself, have sometimes found to be problematic, inspiring, or saddening. Looking at these decisions and relating them to the ones I have made and the ones that I will be making, I realize that they are also battling the same fears and worries that we, ordinary people, do. The society expects us to change, to grow, to move forward. Society expects us to build better versions of ourselves. This entails discovering new passions, following new paths, and creating new dreams. Given this, I think it’s unfair to expect these idols to continue being the same sixteen-year-olds who sang and danced their hearts out on stage, thinking that that was the moment that they have been born for. That it was the fulfillment of all of their dreams, never realizing that as we grow older we give birth to new dreams, be it bigger or simpler ones. 

These idols have all made their own lasting marks in this world, their songs, dances, and performances will stay in the hearts of their fans who never left their side. But as human beings, they also want to leave behind tangible marks, vessels that will carry on not only their own DNAs but their life stories. They also want to share their lives with that special person they believe will make the rest of it worth living. The love and appreciation that they have for their fans will remain. After all, they owe some part of their success to these people who’ve continually supported them over the years, the people who helped make this one dream of theirs happen. But they also long to have someone who will make their dreams of having a family come true. 

I’m not sure what this post is exactly about or what’s the whole point of it. These are just thoughts evoked by the current issue about Jessica Jung. Just sharing it out there. 


Other thoughts relating to this may come to mind in the future.

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The way Christianity spread over the first three centuries when the Romans were doing their best to stamp it out, was not simply by people going into the market place and saying ‘Jesus is Lord; you must believe in him.’ They did that too, but [it really spread] by people seeing that here was a community of people who lived in a totally different way.

The Christians were known for going and helping people who were not their kith and kin, who were not part of their ethnic group or part of their business interests. If somebody was sick, if somebody was poor, the Christians would go and look after them. They’d say “why do you do that? you’ve got nothing to gain by it,” and they’d say “well, it’s because we follow Jesus and this is the way that Jesus does stuff.

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21-year-olds are out grabbing drinks with their friends, getting boyfriends, and seeing places.

Moi? Je suis ici. Je m’allongeé sur le lit. Je devrais dormir mais à cause d’un examen final que j’ai pris plu tôt ce soir, je m’inquiète de beaucoup de choses. Je pense à mon travail, la fête surprise de mon père, l’école et la faculté de droite où j’espère d’étudier. Je pense comment je vais payer ma carte de crédit, ma facture de téléphone. Je suis jalouse de ces gens qui s’inquiètent des vêtements qu’ils mettront pour la fête la semaine prochaine, ce que leurs petits amis font et oú ils vont aller ensuite. Il semble que leurs vies sont très simples.

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I am only half the woman I know I am,
A quarter of the woman I desire to be.

We are growing still,
We are growing everyday,

Do not stifle your own petals,
Do not deny yourself a blossoming.

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People who post about family problems/arguments on Facebook despite of knowing that their post can be seen by the involved relative or by people who know the person they are talking about, are either asking for trouble or just stupid.

Sad how social media, despite of its ability to connect and re-connect people, has decreased relationships to virtual conversations that betray the true words that people need to say.

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1. Read at least one non-fiction book.

2. Read at least one French novel.

3. Read as much as possible, catch up on reading book series!

4. Study for LSAT!

5. Get U.S. Visa

6. Exercise as much as possible!

7. Work and save money.

8. Get G-license.

9. Watch TV series.

10. Volunteer!!

(Not in order of importance)

Let’s see how many I actually accomplish.

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